Something truely for and by the people, 3rd eye congress

On the Square and Level...


The "Third Eye Congress" of the Excited States of America

Third Eye Congress

We the People seaking an ever more perfect Union, now demand the evolution
rather than revolution of our Democratic Universe.
We the People demand a more than equal share in the process of directing our great nation.
No longer in servitude to the inept abilities of the Elite and Infinit Termed PUTRID NABOBS
self proclaimed Mesiahs and other Political Royal Leaches, we say enough!
The third eye of the "Perfect Triangle - Masonic Realm - belongs to the people
and it's perfect geometrical form of 60, 60 and 60 degrees.
The Geometry of Life, the Sole of the Universe, the building block of all perceived as real.
Give it to the people, the technology now exists ! GIVE IT TO THE PEOPLE NOW !!!

So say Eye, so say Kinky the Royal Pain in the ASS Clown !
Porn is now TOP Export from the USA



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ALL Obama is... a Romantic Image, from a Gang Movie, NOT a True Leader, Just a Tall Platitude
NEITHER do the People need a Bonner from some Red Dog MILF Sluts ...
The People can count for themselves, let the Computer Machines set the People FREE !!!

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